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Jack Grace Band

The Money's Gone Away

Released: 2012


01. The Money's Gone Away 

02. Hard Times All Around 

03. Warm Rock In The Sun

04. Maybe Ya Wanna 

05. Don't Run Outta Gas

06. Bothered To Think

07. Summer Wine

08. Polenca's Blues

09. Poor Boy

10. Think I Broke My Heart 

11. Lobster,Steak and Seafood


Jack Grace: guitar, vocals, ukulele

Daria Grace: bass, vocals, ukulele on 6

Bruce Martin: drums- 3,9,10,11,12, percussion, keyboards, vocals

Russ Meissner: drums-1,2,4,7

Jason Bowman: drums- 5,13

Philippa Thompson: Violin, saw

J Walter Hawkes: trombone

Rob Henke: trumpet

Joe Exley: Tuba

Popa Chubby: additional guitar - 5,9,10

Acacia Bowman: backing vocal 12,13

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