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Jack Grace Band

I Like It Wrong

Released: 2004


01. I Like It Wrong

02. When I Drink Whisky

03. Hopin' for Some Good

04. The Grass Is Always Greener (But I Can't Tell Which Grass Is Mine)

05. Umbrella

06. Ice Cold Beer

07. 7:40 in the Afternoon

08. This Hangover Ain't Mine

09. Old Hotel

10. It's Not a Crime

11. Colder Than Cold


Jack Grace: vocals, guitar, banjo

Daria Grace: vocals

Bruce Martin: backing vocals

Drew Glackin: lap steel guitar

Dan Hovey: Telecaster

Nate Shaw: Hammond Organ

Neil Thomas: piano, accordion, Wurlitzer, percussion

J. Granelli: bass

Russ Meissner: drums

Featuring the Let’s Get Drunk Tonight Orchestra

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