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Jack Grace Band

Drinking Songs for Lovers

Released: 2010


01. Morning Margaritas

02. If You're Gonna Raise a Drunk

03. I Drank Too Much Again

04. True Tonight

05. Drinkin' and Gamblin'

06. Loneliness Away

07. The Worst Truck Driver

08. Drank Yourself into a Corner

09. So Ugly

10. Drink a Little Hooch

11. Haven't Had a Birthday for Years

12. It Was a Really Bad Year

13. Still Can't Believe That You're Gone


Jack Grace: vocals, guitar,

Daria Grace: vocals, bass

Bruce Martin: backing vocals, glockenspiel, accordion, percussion, cuica

Mike Neer: lap steel guitar

Bill Malchow: keyboards

Russ Meissner: drums
Jason Bowman: drums

The Broken Mariachi Horns: featuring J. Walter Hawkes and Rob Henkes


Drew Glackin: lap steel guitar

Earl Poole Ball: piano

John Sebastian: guitar

Tom Hanway: banjo

Doug Largent: upright bass

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