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Jack Grace Band

The Martini Cowboy

Released: 2008


01. Martini City

02. Martini Cowboy 

03. Broken Man

04. Try Not To Cry     

05. Trying To Get Away From Nothing At All

06. Sugar Bear

07. Rotary Phone 

08. Cash

09. What I Drink And Who I Meet At The Track 

10. Saphire Martini

11. Uncle Luther

12. Verge Of Happiness

13. Happy In The Fall

14. Something To Look Forward To

15. Spike Down

16. Saphire Martini Coda


Jack Grace: vocals, guitar,

Daria Grace: vocals, bass

Bruce Martin: backing vocals, glockenspiel, accordion, percussion, cuica

Drew Glackin: lap steel guitar, Weissenborn

Jon Dryden: piano, accordion

Skip Ward: upright bass

Russ Meissner: drums

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