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Happy Fall!


Come to our special ticketed show - Only $20
Friday Nov 25 at The BeanRunner Cafè
Right after Thanksgiving. Bring the family: 7pm to 8:30pm
Bruce Martin - drums, vocals
James Buhre - upright bass, vocals
Jack Grace - guitar, vocals
It's gonna be a special one!

I have mixes that have just been completed for the new album, and I am feeling real positive about the results. I do not have a release date yet.

New Album News and Book Recommendations!


I have mostly finished tracking the new album. it's definitely new territory for me. I have a backlog of about 3 albums worth of songs right now.

OH ALBUMS ARE OUT THESE DAYS? To hell with that. The album is my favorite art form and always will be.

The UK tour is brief this fall but begins Oct 13.
Our October 12th show has fallen through and we are currently looking for a date in the Cambridge vicinity.

So I had some pretty serious eye issues in the past year. I had a corneal transplant Dec 15th and a follow up surgery in August.
The good news is I CAN SEE BETTER THAN I DID 20 YEARS AGO. I didn't see that coming. But damn I had a THICK prescription for years and I no longer need glasses
.I'm just gonna call it a miracle. I am so unbelievably grateful. 
 I was worried about whether I could drive to gigs, read anything, enjoy nature, all of it! Suddenly, everything is fine. Hollywood ending.
SO in that year I did a bunch of Music AUDIOBOOKS.

I highly recommend these books:

Leon Russell - By Bill Janovitz
Even if you are not that familiar with Leon Russell, if you love Rock n' Roll, you should read this book.

Chuck Berry By RJ Smith
This book puts a LOT of the United States into perspective.

Led Zeppelin By Bob Spitz
If you are a Zep fan, ya can't not read this.

Ted Templeman  By Ted Templeman
The hey day of Rock from a legendary producer's perspective.
Very well told.

Sympathy For The Drummer by Mike Edision
Mike has a fascinating read here. I love this book.

Wild Tales By Graham Nash
SO much good stuff in here and if you do the audiobook, he sings some melodies he is explaining. But man, he is kind of a pig with the ladies.

Acid For The Children by Flea
A great book, super honest and humble from someone in my generation. I also read Dave Grohl's book; this is far superior.

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